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2022 FIFA World Cup: What is Already Happening?

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This year, another legendary game will be written in history since the World Cup will be taking place again. Bet you are all excited to witness it with your own two eyes and celebrate together with other football enthusiasts. But what is already happening with the World Cup preparation?

FIFA Preparations

With fifa world cup 2022 just around a corner, technically, just a few months from now, you might be wondering if all the preparations had been taken care of. Yes, Al Thawadi is confident that this year’s World Cup will commence without any conflicts.

Qatar will host the fifa world cup 2022 and Al Thawadi as the Secretary General is overlooking with all the things needed to make the event successful. From the stadiums to use down to the hotels where the participants will be staying, he is taking care of it. He even visited London to get inspirations on what other infrastructures to build to make it all comfortable for anyone.

Important Things to Remember – When and Where

Qatar is a small country compared to where the other fifa world cup 2022 were held. But it’s the hottest country which is not fitting since the event usually takes place on summer. This is why there is a great change with the date itself. The World cup this year is set to happen between November 20 to December 18, which the last day is also the Qatar’s National Day.

Here’s the breakdown of the dates you need to watch out not to miss the fifa world cup 2022:

  • Group Stage – November 20 to December 2
  • Round of 16 – December 3 to December 6
  • Quarter Finals – December 9 and Decemeber 10
  • Semi Finals – Decembe 13 and December 14
  • Finals – December 18

You can check fifa online for the full list of dates when each team will face-off. There are always live and real-time updates you can check as long as you have a device connected on the internet.

Next would be the stadiums where each games will take place. There are a total of eight stadiums Qatar had prepared to simultaneously hold games for the entire World Cup season.

  • Al Bayt Stadium – 60,000 capacity; host the opening match of the World Cup
  • Lusail Stadium – 80,000 capacity; host the final match of the World Cup
  • Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium – 40,000 capacity
  • Al Janoub Stadium – 40,000 capacity
  • Al Thumama Stadium – 40,000 capacity
  • Education City Stadium – 40,000 capacity
  • Khalifa International Stadium – 40,000 capacity
  • Stadium 974 – 40,000 capacity

2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

From June 6, 2019 to June 14, 2022, there are numerous games that were organized by the six fifa world cup club to determine the 31 teams that would participate on the World Cup. A total of 32 teams are fifa qualifiers 2022 wherein Qatar is automatically listed as a privilege of being the host country.

These are the fifa world cup club and the their respective teams that entered the fifa qualifiers 2022 and will compete on the upcoming World Cup:

  • AFC (Asian Football Confederation) – Australia, Iran, Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea
  • CAF (Confederation of African Football) – Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia
  • CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American, an Caribbean Association Football) – Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States
  • CONMEBOL (South American Football Association) – Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay
  • OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) – no team/s qualified
  • UEFA (Union of Europea Football Associations) – Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Wales

The draw that happened on April 1, 2022 had determined what pots the fifa qualifiers 2022 teams will be assigned. The assigned fifa world cup club teams respective pots are assigned based on their World Rankings release last March 31, 2022. You can check the full list through fifa online.

  • Pot 1 – contains the host country Qatar and the best seven teams
    • Qatar, Brazil (1), Belgium (2), France (3), Argentina (4), England (5), Spain (7), Portugal (8)
  • Pot 2 – contains the best eight teams right after the best seven
    • Mexico (9), Netherlands (10), Denmark (11), Germany (12), Uruguay (13), Switzerland (14), United States (15), Croatia (16)
  • Pot 3 – contains the next eight best teams after the ones assigned in Pot 2
    • Senegal (20), Iran (21), Japan (23), Morocco (24), Serbia (25), Poland (26), South Korea (29), Tunisia (35)
  • Pot 4 – contains the five lowest ranked teams, two placeholders from inter-confederation play-off, and one as the UEFA Path A play-off winner
    • Cameroon (37), Canada (38), Ecuador (46), Saudia Arabia (49), Ghana (60), Wales (18), Costa Rica (31), Australia (42)

Final draw teams from fifa world cup club were assigned randomly which form eight groups with four teams each. This will determine which specific teams would face off when the season starts.

  • A – Qatar vs. Ecuador, Senegal vs. Netherlands
  • B – England vs. Iran, United States vs. Wales
  • C – Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia, Mexico vs. Poland
  • D – France vs. Australia, Denmark vs. Tunisia
  • E – Spain vs. Costa Rica, Germany vs. Japan
  • F – Belgium vs. Canada, Morocco vs. Croatia
  • G – Brazil vs. Serbia, Switzerland vs. Cameroon
  • H – Portugal vs. Ghana, Uruguay vs. South Korea

Broadcasting Rights

With how advanced technology is compared before, being connected to the internet will provide you everything. With fifa online paid streaming, you can access and be updated on what is going on with the World Cup. You will be the first to all the updates anytime and anywhere as long as you have a device connected to the internet. There are also broadcasting companies that will air the World Cup on your corresponding countries. You can check online on which channels will air the games and what time they will broadcast it.

There is still a lot of work to do, but FIFA World Cup 2022 is on the right track. Qatar, the host country, make sure that everyone who wants to be involved in this tournament can get the chance to do so. Make sure you tune in for daily updates to keep your excitement up. It just months away from now so make your own preparations as well.

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