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Please read the following terms carefully before accessing any of our, email, social media site or any other application. By using the site and applications, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions clearly outlined below. If you are not willing to be bound by these terms and conditions; DO NOT ACCESS OR USE THE SITE.
1. The website is a venue only
All information on this website is provided "as is" and without warranties express or implied. website disclaim to the fullest extent permissible by law all warranties, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

(1) This site is just a venue which enables advertisers, including property owners, property managers and agents to advertise properties and services (each a "Listing") to potential clients and tenants. The content on this website, including property descriptions and images, is given for information purposes only. Property descriptions and information on the website (each a "Listing"), do not make any implied warranties or endorsements or representations whatsoever, including but not limited to, "warranties of title." and implied warranties related to a property's fitness of purpose for a particular use. It is solely your own responsibility to assess the suitability and accuracy of all property information contained on the website and any other application or social media site.

(2) Furthermore by using our websites, social media sites, email and all applications, you clearly understand and agree that is not a party to any rental agreements entered into between property owners and guests or clients, nor is a guarantor or insurer and ultimately acts merely as a conduit has no control over property owners or property managers, and we hereby disclaim all liability in this regard; to the maximum extent permitted by law. or any employee will not be held liable for any claims or damages incurred as a result of any rental or sales transactions entered into arising out of the use of the website or related social media sites and applications.
2. Property owner/manager/agent terms and conditions
Obligations of advertisers including property owners, managers and agents

(1) By using any of our marketing platforms and websites, property owners, managers and agents agree to submit and communicate accurate information about both their property listings and personal identity

(2) Advertisers, property owners and property managers also undertake to ensure that all information provided to related to their property listings is both up to date and accurate.. The property owner/manager also undertakes to ensure that all information relating to their listing is kept up-to-date and accurate while the property listing remains on the website and platforms.

(3) Owners take full responsibility for ensuring that their listings do not contain false information, and that any materials or copy do not contain anything that infringes data protection or copyright laws.
3. Granting Proprietary rights to and affiliates
(1) In the event owner/managers submit content that contains trademarks, owners/managers warrant that they have the right to use them.

(2) By submitting any content for use on any website, the owner automatically authorises and its partners; to display and use the content in connection with any promotions of the platforms and website.
Disclaimer and Waiver
By uploading, communicating or submitting information to website, you warrant that such information is truthful and accurate, and furthermore does not infringe intellectual property rights of any third party or data protection law. You also agree to fully indemnify against all damages, claims, expenses, liability and costs, (including legal costs), in the event of any legal proceedings being brought as a consequence of information uploaded, communicated or submitted by you.
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